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supplementVitality & Health is the leading supplement and vitamin store in the tri-state area. With the lowest prices in the area, we carry products from, BSN, ALLMAX, OPTIMUN NUTRITION, GAT, RICH PIANA, MUSCLEPHARMA, METABOLIC NUTRITION, PRO HORMONES, and tons more.

How do we manage to give prices that low? We buy in volume and sell in volume! Simple.

With over 5000 square feet of health our quality and prices is unbeatable!

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Vitality Health in Astoria is hooked on freshness. We pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of fresh, organic food, and aim to provide the most colorful, flavorful and dynamic selection of products in the region.Our produce arrives fresh daily and is maintained for quality. We provide our customers with the best our region has to offer with a large selection of local produce and are committed to relationships with local farmers and suppliers.

Local Organic Produce

We know how important fresh, healthy produce is to your meal planning and how valuable nutritious produce is to a healthy lifestyle. This is why we carry a long reach of produce items from fresh turmeric to fragrant pear or lemon grass; proof of variety is in our selection.We encourage customers to reach to find specific products they are looking for. If we do not have it on stock, we will be happy to bring it in for you. Our philosophy of keeping a diverse selection stems from happy stories from our customers when they find produce at Vitality Health that they cannot find in every supermarket.

We are unique and different!


We thrive on innovation and customer need!

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